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Our EMOTION DESIGNER Team Leaders will listen to you, learn your targets, aims, budget and preferences to follow-up expectations with solutions tailor made for you or, your guests.

Contact us with due advance, only a few last booking options are still available at date:

  • Let your 2015 main travel abroad become a unique experience in life, ask for a quote NOW!
  • Any trip to Italy brings travellers at the centre of gravity of the WORLD’s CULTURE, ARTS & FASHION.
  • The largest Parks & Resorts shall combine together with unrivalled creative LIFE styles, Nature awareness, and sustainability respect, along with any happenings, glamour and fashion EXPERIENCES one may wish.

Prior to ticket purchase to fix such relevant trip to the heart of the Old Continent, schedule your agenda with us and check in our website the long lists of available choices!
After Milan 2015 EXPO, Italy/UE, the next Universal Expo, shall take place at Dubai, UAE, in 2020.
Our integrated web online booking, services & expert supports are including: TRAVEL AGENT SOLUTIONS, TOUR OPERATOR SOLUTIONS, VOUCHER & TICKETING SOLUTIONS, SIM CARD FOR MOBILE TLC FOR SMART PHONE, TABLET & PC, etc. etc.